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About Us
About Us
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The rich history of Aleja Blower Corporation goes back over 30 years. The foundation traces its origin under the name of Aleja Engineering Service, purely specializing in Electrical and Air Conditioning services during the year 1977.

Through considerable efforts in keeping commitment to quality service, the company significantly expanded to a new field with the inclusion of Industrial Ventilation and Air Pollution Control Equipment. This move is implemented largely upon the creation of Aleja Industries (AI). Opportunities in the ventilation field became positive, prompting the company to register with the Bureau of Domestic trade in the year 1979, with an office and a factory operating in an area of 214 square meters. Aleja Industries quickly made its presence known in the industry through successful completion of several projects.

With the efforts of our industrious men and modern equipment, Aleja continued to grow in the emerging competition of the ventilation field. Eventually, Aleja Industries filed incorporation papers to the Securities and Exchange Commission in May 1983. To continuously serve our customers, Aleja Industries, Inc. acquired more modern machineries and even relocated the plant to a 1,678 square meter land in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila.

Due to the challenge of the increasing demands and tight competition, Aleja decided to acquire a corporate identity. On August 9, 1985, Aleja Blower Corporation was established to emphasize its specialization in fans and blowers manufacturing. The past years have been an exciting time. The company has grown in terms of product lines, plant space, service capabilities, employees, and most importantly our customer base. We have re-engineered existing products, and added new products to the point where we can state that Aleja Blower Corporation can provide air-moving products to virtually any performance requirement. We take great pride in offering well-engineered products at competitive prices, timely delivery and efficient service. Each fan impeller is balanced and inspected under strict standards using high-technology balancing equipment to ensure maximum performance and long service life.

Another big factor of Aleja's success is our employee management. We can boast of our employee's loyalty. Aleja strongly believe that in improving their state of life we are improving the quality of their work and the growth and success of our company. We spend serious time in directing our resources in helping our employee's family.

We at Aleja are proud of the positive changes that we are enjoying over the years. We believe that we earned our success through hard work and dedication, but without satisfied customers and their never-ending patronage, we would have never been here. That is why it has always been our belief that a satisfied customer is the most important product of Aleja Blower Corporation.

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